Mar. 17th, 2010

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Wow. Just wow.
So, naturally, I occasionally get idiots trying to chat with me on OKCupid. I had three tonight. On the other hand, being snarky is letting me get a bit of my aggression at a certain someone out. But Jeez, I mean:
nikknock1:hi there,how r u doing?

[12:46:12 am]kamianya:hi?

[12:46:32 am]nikknock1:can we chat?

[12:47:02 am]kamianya:heading bedwards

[12:47:19 am]nikknock1:so what r u doing now?

[12:47:29 am]kamianya:homework

[12:47:35 am]nikknock1:ok

[12:47:48 am]nikknock1:u have webcam?

[12:48:58 am]nikknock1:?????????

[12:49:25 am]kamianya:did youa ctaully look at my profile at all?

[12:49:37 am]nikknock1:yeah

[12:49:57 am]kamianya:so why are you asking about webcam?

[12:50:14 am]nikknock1:i did'nt read ur profile yet

[12:50:16 am]nikknock1:lol

[12:50:48 am]kamianya:yeah. Read it, and then if you're interested, message me.

[12:50:53 am]kamianya:otherwise, bye

[12:51:00 am]nikknock1:and i dont wanna sex dear i jus want to be a good friend as a friend i would like to see u

[12:52:12 am]kamianya:okay. So what made you interested in talking to me?

[12:52:36 am]nikknock1:everything what u like to talk about

[12:52:48 am]kamianya:*fails to parse that*

[12:54:21 am]nikknock1:u did'nt told u have cam?

[12:54:40 am]kamianya:message me once you';ve learned to type

[12:55:49 am]nikknock1:why?whats wrong?

[12:56:14 am]kamianya:I can't actually figure out what you're trying to say

[12:56:37 am]nikknock1:i asked do u have a webcam?

[12:56:55 am]kamianya:And I wasn't answering until you actually gave me a good reason to

[12:57:18 am]nikknock1:lol

[12:57:47 am]nikknock1:reason for what? i told u clearly that i would like to see u as a friend

[12:57:51 am]nikknock1:not for sex

[12:58:03 am]kamianya:a reason you are actually interested in talking to me

[12:58:12 am]kamianya:something of my interests that you share

[12:58:22 am]kamianya:some proof you've done more than looked at my picture

[12:58:52 am]kamianya:and some reason that this discussion with someone who is basically a stranger must be done over webcam rather than over chat

[12:59:23 am]nikknock1:well u seems a nice n decant girl and thats y i like to talk with u

[12:59:52 am]kamianya:Wow. Way to fail to answer my question

[1:00:19 am]nikknock1:u mean u r not a decant girl if not then bye

[1:00:29 am]kamianya:Oh, I'm decent altright.

[1:00:36 am]kamianya:But being decent is not an interest

[1:00:56 am]nikknock1:well its just starting

[1:01:27 am]kamianya:....what's just starting?

[1:01:40 am]nikknock1:well u r showing me too much ego

[1:01:53 am]nikknock1:tell me clearly if u r interested in chat with me or not?

[1:02:16 am]kamianya:I am interested in chatting with you if you can provide me with an interest we share in common

[1:02:55 am]nikknock1:im not a student of u so i dont think that i need to provide u for chat with u ok

[1:03:12 am]kamianya:However, you apparently have no notion of what an interest actually is, you seem interested only in seeing me for some reason or another, you can't type, and geez, you seem like a total idiot

[1:03:14 am]kamianya:bye

[1:03:50 am]nikknock1:thats all in u

[1:03:52 am]nikknock1:not me

[1:04:01 am]nikknock1:so bye
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Well, I am way in catch up mode, and just wasted two hours I should have been working....but for a decent reason. Sadly, a decent reason that is totally taking over my mind.
For Intercon K, we will be bidding a new 6 person-2 hour LARP. If done right, it should be interesting, and kinda tense/intense. Tonight we created our characters, a bunch of who they are, how they feel about each other, why they are where they are, etc. And I am EXCITED!!!


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