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So, I never do game write ups, but this game was so fantastic, I now really want to. So, here I go! I should warn you, this is long, but if you have any interest in who I was, or what I was doing, it's below.

Mostly pre-game stuff:
So, first off, let's start with my char. For those of you who missed it, I was the cold hearted, calculating ruler of the Zu-Vendi. I was a bitch, no two ways about it. Killing people who annoyed me somewhat? I had been doing that for 2638 years. I was strong willed (will 7). Best of all? While a political figure, I didn't bother with diplomatic language or subtlety. This wasn't something I was used to, and didn't feel I needed to be used to. Lying? Sure. Concealing things? Acting? Yeah, I understood those. But applying those to political discussion and making treaties and such? Why?
I was, however, acting in terms of what was best for Zu-Vendi, and my rule of Zu-Vendi. What was good for that? Well, being nice, pretending to be caring and sweet...but really. World peace, fair treaties, and the destruction of the Tome of Despair were all things that I wanted, because they were best for me. Strong allies were good. Helping my allies live longer? Good for me, and something I can hold over their heads (I made a 20 year life extending potion to give to my allies, made from basically weakening my own immortality potion, and as time goes by Ayesha will totally be giving 5 year additions to the allies she is still pleased with, and who still help). So I was, for the most part, completely sincere....well, except for discussing my age or the reality of Quatermain and Stanley having met me in the past....
So, the most important things from my backstory were:
In the beginning, I found the chemical formula to immortality. I thought things over for a few centuries, went to share my enlightenment with the world, was well received by the Arabs and Greeks, I believe, Egyptians were unimpressed, Jews tried to stone me. I decided they were all idiots, and went back to isolation. Then came the whole Kallikrates thing. Also, I was responsible for my people's degeneracy, killing anyone smart enough to disobey or annoy or question me.
23 years before game brought Quatermain and Stanley stumbling into Zu-Vendi by accident, my meeting them, learning English, Stanley trying to get me to sign a document that would have signed my sovereignty over to England while telling me it was for something else, and me tearing it up. They also convinced me to examine the mines with them, and resulted in the collapse of the entrance. I lost my temper completely, for some reason didn't kill them, instead ended up forcing a memory erasing potion on them. After, I watched them in my magic scrying pool, realized the world was completely different than it had been, realized sitting and waiting for Kallikrates might not work, decided to head out and learn. Learned about Cecil Rhodes, met a French colony and Marchand, became friendly with France. England comes to take over the colony, Quatermain becomes England's messenger while I'm asked to be Marchand's, and I learn about the books he's written and the way my lands have been divided up.
My goals, and my success in completing them:
1. Maintain Zu-Vendi's sovereignty
I achieved the draw condition (mines shared but sovereignty maintained), but that was likely the best thing that could have happened for me. Partial victory would have been sovereignty, no shared mines, but no trade, which was status quo, while total victory was at least one trade agreement, no shared mines, and maintaining sovereignty.
I ended with letting America basically have 40% of my mines, but only for three years, and they doubled the output, so I was getting more than I would have if they remained unshared. They also provided the means of completing many of my other goals, as seen below. Roosevelt was probably my best ally in the end, giving me strong ties with America, helping me gain the protection I need to maintain total sovereignty for like forever...seriously, my end home strength? It was 55.
On top of that, I have a 15% of my own profits going to France in return for automatons, 15% going to England for many reasons, and 20% going to Germany....well, until Britain's helicopters and Captain Nemo and whatever the last part was decimate Germany's troops and I renegotiate that 20% to Britain 'cause really, what will Germany do to me? Not like they could get at me while not decimated!
2. Keep the secrets of your country
Well, lots of people knew the ways in and out, but far as I know, no one knew of the secrets of the ancients, like my immortality potions and such. And anyways, my defense by the end as ridic.
3. Find a trustworthy European leader
Well, let's see. I may not have so much trusted per say, but the royal family of Britain seemed to genuinely like and trust me, and I find Britain a good ally. The ruler of Austria-Hungary, Franz-Joseph, is one of the people I'm supplying with longevity, and that kinda buys trust and support. France I get along with it seems. I'm a member of the secret society for strong women leaders, should anything actually come of it.
Then there's Paul Krueger (hope I'm spelling that right), of the Boer Republic. My neighbor. He ended up making a load of decisions in order to throw his lot in with me. Which is pretty cool. He is number two for longevity, and his people can find refuge in my lands should need ever come...which is likely considering Kali's out. But I'll get to that later.
But really, America. Roosevelt offered me the fake nuke on Friday night, and when I ended up saying no, we worked out an agreement that works great for me. I was probably one of the only people outside of the Americans who knew the radium bomb was a fake. The American troops trained my people in military techniques and guns for two time periods, and their miners are training my people as well. Finally, they're all the way over in America, not actually close at all. Roosevelt is person number three for the longevity potions.
4. Re-open the mines
Again, America and Roosevelt. Needed to open the mines that that idiot Stanley collapsed. In order to be able to mine them, Roosevelt got the needed type of influence (type N) from Lord Kelvin.
5. Find Kallikrates somehow, and convince him that you and he are destined to be together
Um. Yeah....so I was allowed to pick almost any guy. I believe that pre-game I had already ruled out Stanley and Quatermain, but other than that, I got to pick, and Ayesha would know for certain. I decided to look for someone to do something I deemed brave or strong willed or something...and the only person to do so by 2pm Saturday when I had to pick? H.G. Wells. That...didn't work out so well for me. Still, [livejournal.com profile] usernamenumber said that Wells might still take me up on my offer.
6. Obtain some European guns to protect your people
American guns, but major check.
7. Find the Tome of Despair
Okay, seriously team good magic users? This was my summary of that goal:
"Ages past, in the heyday of your people, a book of magical secrets was used to raise the dead and perform great magics. Little did they know then, that this book carried a great curse. As each of the seven great spells were unsealed, a greater and greater disaster fell upon Zu-Vendi. The book brought fire, earthquake, and plague. It made your people a shadow of their former selves. When you came to England, it was if you could smell the presence of the foul book. You cast what magics you could to reveal its location to you, but it seems the book itself wishes to hide. The best you could do was to heighten the fear and paranoia of its owner, forcing them to carry the book with them at all times. "
So, really. Truth spells! I mean really!
So, apparently, Nick as Crowley and Matt M. as the Munshi managed to convince them I was evil or not trustworthy or something like that. So my insisting not to open those damned seals, because I knew what that could do? Ignored.
But post game? Crowley and Faure have both agreed that if Kali comes around Africa, they would probably be happy to ally with me, and I don't really care as long as I keep Zu-Vendi and keep my abilities and strengths. So I found the tome, failed to help destroy it, but ultimately benefit. Huh.
8. Zu-Vendi needs women! (Men too)
Yes, this is what is was called. Due to my blasting anyone I disliked, the Zu-Vendi are kinda degenerate inbred cannibals, and I need new blood. Anywho, my women have instruction to seduce the American soldiers and miners in order to get in new genes, some Europeans are likely to at least visit, Zu-Vendi is the place of refuge should Boer require it...I think I managed it well enough.
9. Give Marchand’s letter to President Faure
That was easy and quick.

Other fun things I did in game, awesome things other people did, and other fun results
Hmmm....where do I begin?
Well, first off, what Ayesha learned in game? That treating people kindly can get decent results. More importantly, don't blast everyone, so that Zu-Vendi can grow strong again. Also, making and doling out years to people's lives will allow me to explain my own longevity. Wells pointed out that being immortal meant not being able to be out more than a few years at a time, since I don't age.
As for other fun things, there was everyone's reactions to my announcing I was an accomplished chemist. That was HILARIOUS.
Then there was, of course, my awesome primary, Seamus, who looked way too good in that black velvet coat thing, but had the best scandal in game. If you didn't manage to hear about it, ask for the full story.
I managed to fool Rob Murphy. He actually thought I was a sweet young queen. Wow. Cool. Apparently he's not the only one I fooled.
OMG! Everyone looked so amazing!
[livejournal.com profile] lightgamer's fat man walk and voice were fun to watch. Sad I barely got to deal with him.
I had so much fun working on trading treaties with Sean as Felix Faure and Domo as Prince Edward. It lead to the following, as well:
Faure: You know, the French invented the Menage a trois.
Me: The what? I do not know this term.
Talking to a GM, who mentions, "Nice job on the guns. You know what that does for you, right?" "Um, no?" "Well, you don't need to worry any more."
Naturally, just seeing everyone was so amazingly amazing. Yeah, know I'm repeating myself a lot, but I've missed so many of you all, and I can't enthuse over it enough.
As always, dead dog was one of my favorite parts. Had so much fun getting to just talk OOC with all of you.
I know there were many more great scenes and such that I'm blanking on, and there were many great quotes. If I had a long scene with you, and didn't write it here, feel free to poke me so I can! I really had a great time, and all of you, players and GMs, made that happen. I am SOOOO glad I played.

Date: 2010-03-01 11:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] drcpunk.livejournal.com
Darling, if you need men and women, we really need to talk -- I can do a second tour to your land, and there are people who might well need a safe haven. Do contact me.

--Sarah Bernhardt

Date: 2010-03-02 12:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] electric-d-monk.livejournal.com
Given who had been managed to be inducted(most of the country heads/wives of country heads, all (or maybe all but one) of the scientists...), I think the only danger to the Athenic Order of the Golden Eye (aka, the secret women's society) would be Josephine being too greedy in its use. If she tries to take too much out for her own purposes as the puppet master behind it, then everyone would drop it as a sham... Assuming she's smart and only skims a little influence off the top, mostly follows the charter with only the occasional use of the organization for private purposes, I would expect it to do quite well.

And you don't need to go to Britain for access to the auto-gyros, you know.

Date: 2010-03-02 06:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] abyssion1337.livejournal.com
Ah yes I remember that conversation, after talking to Sean again I wrote down the Menage a trois as a goal but all of us being so oh gods busy on Sunday foiled it pretty quickly. And yeah I can't complain about you not being the nice person you were pretending to be as it was painfully obvious that you were way better off succeeding at getting things done without a parliament or really that's just my problem as a progressive in a conservative dominated government but explaining how having good diplomatic relationships was better than bullying people into giving us the best deal possible getting got really old and really boring; I'm going to stop here since I'm beginning to get a bit off topic as I'm no longer discussing interactions I had with you

P.S. I like to think we ended game on good terms but as I don't believe I got a chance to talk to you at the dead dog I don't if parliament took a crowbar to that as well: I actually was a nice person with a couple of out of place but ultimately harmless priorities

Date: 2010-03-02 09:27 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mneme
That was fun to run (and you were fun to watch play -- even if I heard you tell people how the book worked several times--and was flummoxed when they didn't even try to verify your story) -- good job!


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