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Wow. So I've been listening to Wil Wheaton's PAX keynote speech. (For those of you who haven't heard/seen it, http://techland.com/2010/03/27/pax-east-2010-wil-wheaton-keynote-video/ )
I am feeling rather nostalgic...for all of 5 years ago.
Much nostalgia below about undergrad, and many thanks to many of you )
So thanks to all of you. Seriously, I owe so much. And thanks to Wil Wheaton, for this reflection, and many good memories coming back. Now time to try to get to work. Oy.

Also, if you want your name replaced for an LJ handle or other pseudonym, let me know. I tried to use LJ names if I remembered them. And if you have a story or details to fill in, feel free to share!
Finally, people I've mentioned specifically in the cut section:
Ted T., Lindsay, Original Dave, Replacement Dave, [livejournal.com profile] lightgamer, [livejournal.com profile] morethings5, Connor, Nny, [livejournal.com profile] witticaster, [livejournal.com profile] bleemoo, [livejournal.com profile] natbudin, [livejournal.com profile] in_water_writ, [livejournal.com profile] jh1230, [livejournal.com profile] _dragonwolf_, [livejournal.com profile] usernamenumber, [livejournal.com profile] zrealm, Nathan, [livejournal.com profile] binaryphantom, [livejournal.com profile] emp42ress, [livejournal.com profile] rigel, Willis, [livejournal.com profile] phoenix_rinna, [livejournal.com profile] zombie_dog, [livejournal.com profile] pezzonovante, and [livejournal.com profile] sariel_t. And if you weren't specifically mentioned but are in the LARPing community or gaming community or Boston area poly community or Albany SCA community, it's implied.

Evil Dead!

Mar. 29th, 2010 05:47 pm
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So, Willis and I are going to see [livejournal.com profile] usernamenumber in the MIT production of Evil Dead the Musical on Friday the 23rd at 8pm. Sadly, we will not be there in time for dinner plans, but seeing more of you would be awesome. Also, I may need a place to crash that weekend...
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I will be visiting the Brandeis/Camberville area on April 1st. I'd love to see people. Who will be around and up for a visit between around 2 and 7?

Another q

Mar. 20th, 2010 07:48 pm
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Anyone who's dealt with taxes as a grad student with an assistantship? Know if there's anything special or different to do? (I keep getting inklings that there are, but I really have no clue)


Mar. 20th, 2010 03:21 pm
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So, first off, I would like to run GM Space at RPI's weekend of minigames. I have 6 signups, out of 15. This does not work. Also, the game is going to rest for awhile after, as 73 people have played, and this will bring it to 88. So, please, I need signups!
(Also, do you knowhow horrible it feels when people keep telling you you must bring your game to RPI, and then all sign up for the other game in the slot, so that it even has a waitlist of 3 while your game needs 7 to make its minimum?)

Secondly, On April 1st, I plan to go to the Fools Ball which a friend is DJing at.
Considering the fact that It's 4 hours away from where I am, and about an hour from the Brandeis area, I'd really like to come by Thursday afternoon, hang a bit, hopefully find someone to drive with, and then have a place to crash that night.
If I don't have these, going is probably not an option, as I really can't drive 4 hours after a night of clubbing. So, help?
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Well, I am way in catch up mode, and just wasted two hours I should have been working....but for a decent reason. Sadly, a decent reason that is totally taking over my mind.
For Intercon K, we will be bidding a new 6 person-2 hour LARP. If done right, it should be interesting, and kinda tense/intense. Tonight we created our characters, a bunch of who they are, how they feel about each other, why they are where they are, etc. And I am EXCITED!!!
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Wow. Just wow.
So, naturally, I occasionally get idiots trying to chat with me on OKCupid. I had three tonight. On the other hand, being snarky is letting me get a bit of my aggression at a certain someone out. But Jeez, I mean:
nikknock1:hi there,how r u doing?

[12:46:12 am]kamianya:hi?

[12:46:32 am]nikknock1:can we chat?

[12:47:02 am]kamianya:heading bedwards

[12:47:19 am]nikknock1:so what r u doing now?

[12:47:29 am]kamianya:homework

[12:47:35 am]nikknock1:ok

[12:47:48 am]nikknock1:u have webcam?

[12:48:58 am]nikknock1:?????????

[12:49:25 am]kamianya:did youa ctaully look at my profile at all?

[12:49:37 am]nikknock1:yeah

[12:49:57 am]kamianya:so why are you asking about webcam?

[12:50:14 am]nikknock1:i did'nt read ur profile yet

[12:50:16 am]nikknock1:lol

[12:50:48 am]kamianya:yeah. Read it, and then if you're interested, message me.

[12:50:53 am]kamianya:otherwise, bye

[12:51:00 am]nikknock1:and i dont wanna sex dear i jus want to be a good friend as a friend i would like to see u

[12:52:12 am]kamianya:okay. So what made you interested in talking to me?

[12:52:36 am]nikknock1:everything what u like to talk about

[12:52:48 am]kamianya:*fails to parse that*

[12:54:21 am]nikknock1:u did'nt told u have cam?

[12:54:40 am]kamianya:message me once you';ve learned to type

[12:55:49 am]nikknock1:why?whats wrong?

[12:56:14 am]kamianya:I can't actually figure out what you're trying to say

[12:56:37 am]nikknock1:i asked do u have a webcam?

[12:56:55 am]kamianya:And I wasn't answering until you actually gave me a good reason to

[12:57:18 am]nikknock1:lol

[12:57:47 am]nikknock1:reason for what? i told u clearly that i would like to see u as a friend

[12:57:51 am]nikknock1:not for sex

[12:58:03 am]kamianya:a reason you are actually interested in talking to me

[12:58:12 am]kamianya:something of my interests that you share

[12:58:22 am]kamianya:some proof you've done more than looked at my picture

[12:58:52 am]kamianya:and some reason that this discussion with someone who is basically a stranger must be done over webcam rather than over chat

[12:59:23 am]nikknock1:well u seems a nice n decant girl and thats y i like to talk with u

[12:59:52 am]kamianya:Wow. Way to fail to answer my question

[1:00:19 am]nikknock1:u mean u r not a decant girl if not then bye

[1:00:29 am]kamianya:Oh, I'm decent altright.

[1:00:36 am]kamianya:But being decent is not an interest

[1:00:56 am]nikknock1:well its just starting

[1:01:27 am]kamianya:....what's just starting?

[1:01:40 am]nikknock1:well u r showing me too much ego

[1:01:53 am]nikknock1:tell me clearly if u r interested in chat with me or not?

[1:02:16 am]kamianya:I am interested in chatting with you if you can provide me with an interest we share in common

[1:02:55 am]nikknock1:im not a student of u so i dont think that i need to provide u for chat with u ok

[1:03:12 am]kamianya:However, you apparently have no notion of what an interest actually is, you seem interested only in seeing me for some reason or another, you can't type, and geez, you seem like a total idiot

[1:03:14 am]kamianya:bye

[1:03:50 am]nikknock1:thats all in u

[1:03:52 am]nikknock1:not me

[1:04:01 am]nikknock1:so bye
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And I feel fantastic!
No seriously. I can't remember the last time I felt this amazing.
So, here's the deal. I'm still catching up on sleep and work. I was broken up with--the first time in my life I've been the dumpee--by my primary, finding out that he had been trying to figure out how to do so for a few weeks. So yeah, while I kinda appreciate waiting 'til after Intercon, at the same time I'm furious at him, considering we shared a room and actually a bed, and I don't know how long he would have waited if I hadn't brought things up. On the other hand, though, I came to the realization this weekend that as much as I like him, we're in completely different stages in life, and different levels of maturity. And that's just not healthy.
So right now, I have a new primary. Grad School. I still have two wonderful SOs, though those are much more casual relationships. I love what I'm doing, I love who I am. I'll probably always be insecure about my looks, but I at least believe other people like what they see, which is good enough for me. I'm studying what I love, I'm TAing and will be teaching this summer and really helping people. I'm financially independent, and while I visit home all the time seeing as how I live nearby and love and get along with my parents, I do live separately from them.
So yeah, I feel fantastic, and I've never felt as good as how I do right now!
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Hey LARPers!
I'm going to be running GM Space again at Weekend of Hell V - Spring 2010 at RPI. http://minigames.foambrainlarps.com/events/362

I do not yet know if my co-writer is able to help, so if you've played and would like to/are willing to help me run it, please let me know!
I will be running horde, so it would be especially appreciated if you played one of the GMs (the cast) and are willing to run the cast briefing.

So yeah, sign up! I can't run it without players, and as this will be run #6, it will probably be a while before it runs again!
And again, if you're up for running, let me know.


Mar. 1st, 2010 06:16 pm
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So, I never do game write ups, but this game was so fantastic, I now really want to. So, here I go! I should warn you, this is long, but if you have any interest in who I was, or what I was doing, it's below.

Spoilers under the cut )
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So, I need some stuff for 1897 (The LARP, naturally). Does anyone by any chance have any kind of circlet, white wrap around skirt, anything white and gauzy, etc? Basically, white and kinda sorta exotic. (I have a bunch of things that sorta work, but for the sum total of one probably decent outfit, and I'd rather not wear the exact same thing all three days for this one)
I especially need the circlet, or something that can work like one....
Thanks in advance!
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So, I have pictures now of my work. Which pic hosting site would people suggest I put it up on? I have an etsy account now, but am still trying to decide if I want to use that.
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This fic needs to exist, and I am aware that I can't write. Or rather, can't write fic, my character sheets seem fine. So anywho, please, if any of you write fic and know Supernatural, here's my fic request:
Pairing: Castiel/Dean preferred, but gen works too
Rating: Preferably towards NC-17, but really, any
Situation: Someone (I don't care who, but it can't be Cas), realizes that as angels' names typically translate from the Hebrew to the "_____" of God, and does some research on Castiel's name. They come up with three possibilities based on their search*: "down comforter", "inkwell," and "decoration," and inform Dean of this. Continue as seems reasonable.
*Note: yes, I speak Hebrew and searched my dictionaries, these were, in fact, the three possibilities I came up with.

user pics

Dec. 29th, 2009 11:05 am
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So, my user pics are way old. Need new ones. Way too lazy to try to make my own, and too busy to spend forever looking. So looking for suggestions, god pics, etc. Looking for general geekiness, Supernatural (brownie points to whoever can guess my favorite SPN pairings), NCIS (ditto, note I just finished season 4), or Castle. Aka, the list of my current obsessions -.-;

Also, again, party reminder.

New years

Dec. 21st, 2009 05:33 pm
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Wow. I've kinda lost touch with the rest of the world, what with 55 pages to write--way more than ever before--and tests to give and grade, and readings to do, and a resume with interesting short answers to answer....
And then everything ended, and I immediately left for vacation. The Virgin islands. Pretty damn awesome.
Turns out, my hard work was rewarded. Today I got my grades. Two As and an A-. Awesome B-day present, no?

Anyways, I wanted to put out a reminder/notice. Bit late I know. But still.

So, we're planning a rather long new years event, hoping that people will be at least able to come for some of it. Thursday-Monday, over New Years weekend, we are holding a party. RSVPs appreciated but not required, although if you need crash space we need you to let us know. We should be able to find lots of room for people to crash.
If you need an address, email me, or, if you don't have my email, poke me here. I'll message it to you or something.
You should be able to go to your own normal party, and then come to us!
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So, now that some people have seen the satyr/demon horns I've been making, I'm putting out another message about them. I will put up pictures once I get a camera, but I'm pretty much making them to order. I have almost every color you could want, and if I don't I can go out and get it since it's likely someone else will want it eventually as well. It's $5, or $5+shipping if I need to send it through mail. I hope to be borrowing a camera within a week to be able to show the styles I can make.

In other news, I need to find a new Friday night game for intercon, since Tonight at 8 is full for females. Not really surprised, seeing as how I was going for three games I was pretty sure would fill before the second signup was over, and I'm right, and I managed to get into two of them (Leash and Securemarket), but not sure which I wanna play in. Any suggestions?

Also, look into 36 degrees if you don't have a Saturday morning game. It's pretty good, if I may say so myself, and once we get through this second round of edits, it should have some really interesting unique elements. GM Space also has plenty of openings, and players seem to really enjoy it. So, if missing a game Saturday or Sunday morning, give my games a look.
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Anyone want a pair of devil/satyr horns? I'm making a bunch right now, and hoping to sell them for ~$5 a pair (seeing how I've seen them 10-25 dollars most places I've seen them)


Oct. 26th, 2009 01:18 pm
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Wow. I am kinda thrilled, and way nervous.
The three game I want to play the most are all at different times AND not at the same time as one of my games. We'll see if I can get into all three, but here's crossing my fingers to getting into Tonight at Eight, Putting a Leash on a Rocket Launcher, and Life at the Securemarket.
Still, 36 degrees is at the same time as Where the Wild Things Will Be AND the run of Mary Celeste for those who already played, both of which I'm sure will be popular (and the former of which I wanted to play, and the latter of which I really wanted to play), and GM Space is at the same time as C-Section. I really hope a 5th run of a game (or possibly 6th at that point, depending on many factors) can run counter to something so sure to be popular and typically good for watchers. Eep.

Cut off

Oct. 24th, 2009 10:58 pm
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I feel so disconnected from everyone. It's been a while since I felt this way.
While I love what I'm doing, and love my school, and am glad to be there, socially I kinda feel like I'm back in highschool. Where I'm never quite sure people actually want me around, never quite sure I'm not just pushing myself into events, or interrupting. After Brandeis, and Deisel, and things like that, it feels really odd.
I'm also out of the loop. I don't see my RPI friends very often, and only hear so often from Boston area. I check LJ when I can, but only so often, and barely ever check twitter or status on FB.
I don't really have a solution right now. I'm so ridiculously busy. I'm getting to events when I can, I'm working on plans for Arisia, I'm looking forward to seeing people at RPI gaming weekend (not that I'm in anything right now...), I'm running two games at Intercon (PLEASE don't let there be a paper or midterm around that time, pleasepleasepleaseplease)...
But still. It's weird. I'm not sure it's bad weird, but it's certainly weird. Every now and then I almost get the feeling I've...well, outgrown certain things. But I'm not quite sure what these things are. It's not you guys, it's not gaming, it's not LARPing, it's not fantasy or scifi (and I doubt I'll ever "outgrow" any of those), but it's something. Maybe the need to have all those things so often? It's happening...I'm slowly turning into an academic. I guess. Maybe. I don't know.
Not so sure what the point of this post is, I guess I just needed to get that out so I can go back to studying for a midterm that's uber details based.

Oh! And as a reminder, Walk Like a Cowboy Day is this Wednesday, the 28th. Lemme know if you'll be "attending" and why...and feel free questions. (Like why I'm pushing this so hard) Trust me, I haven't just lost my mind.
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Hey all y'all! So, awesome holiday that has been spreading around my campus, and we want to spread the word! October 28th is Walk Like a Cowboy Day. Join in! Tell everyone!
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