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So, I know this is all ridiculously short notice.

Before I can run Reunions as part of research, I need to make sure it works as a LARP. It's looking like this Sunday, the 13th, may be the only time I can actually do this any time soon. Which is also PAX.
So, this is an emergency call. I need just two more players, but one needs to be a guy and the other has to be okay with crosscasting. I also wouldn't mind more signups than that, since all the other 4 are also part of the group willing to be in the research. (also, I am, of course, still taking regular signups for the game)

I also need a place to run. This is a one room game, and as it takes place in a hotel room and then a room in a home, and is only a 6 player game, all I need is one room for about 5 hours, and it requires very little setup.
The play test will not be part of the research itself, so there will be no video cameras, no consent forms, no using any results as part of my paper.

If you think you can do it, please please please sign up at http://www.journeysurveys.com/answer/276.

Note: this is the same questionnaire as for the normal runs, so there will be questions about consent and such on it. If all you want to do is the playtest, just make sure you only note Sunday the 13th in the logistics page as when you can do it, and don't agree to being videotaped.

For those who missed it before, here's the blurb:

It’s been about five years since you all started at Franklin University, four since you all joined Franklin’s Sci-Fi fantasy club, the FORCe. It’s been a year since graduation. A year since you were all able to really spend time together. This weekend is a time to get together, to catch up, and to enjoy.

Reunions is a series of two reunions for six college friends, set six months apart. One takes place Friday night of a three day Star Wars con, in a hotel room, as everyone catches up and figures out plans for the rest of the con. The other takes place at one character’s birthday party. Each game is two hours long, and will be separated by a break (probably a food break). By signing up for one game, you are signing up for both.

Reunions is an experimental LARP, in all meanings of the word. It is also a serious game, taking place in the real world. This is not a typical Sharone game, please do not expect GM Space or 36 Degrees of Separation. All situations and plots in the game are based on the types of situations we have all been through with our close friends, and therefore players will likely find themselves in scenarios that are very familiar. It is also very high characterization, with very few actual set goals, and next to no mechanics.


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