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So,I'm currently looking into the weekend of Feb 25th-27th. My plans would be to stop by UMass Amherst to meet up with someone, shoot a cameo for one of the reviewers on thatguywiththeglasses.com, have dinner there, then head to RKO Army's Digital Game show of Rocky Horror in Foxboro. From there, I'd be looking for somewhere I could stay that night (unless I can stay with a cast member I know, but that's less likely). Also, somewhere to stay Saturday night.

I'd be hoping to do at least one run, possibly two. Again, this would be a set of two two hour games. My preference would be to run game number 1 twice Saturday, number 2 twice Sunday. Otherwise, Run one set Sat, one set Sunday, but with an hour in between the two games for lunch or food or something.

Would anyone be able by any chance to offer up a room for the game? Otherwise, I'll look into running at Brandeis.
Also, as a reminder, it's a 6 person game, so I'm looking for 6 or 12 people who can do this weekend.

So, who'd be able to play? Would you be able to do the two different days, or would it have to be one day? Would anyone be able to host me/the game? And would anyone be interested in going to that Rocky Horror with me/meeting me there?

Edit: it looks like I have the entire week before this off as well. This may mean I need to do a much longer visit....which may also mean more freedom in scheduling the game...and way more hanging out time

Edit the second: This is the LARP for research. More info will come as I finish it. Right now, I can tell it is a game taking place in the real world amongst a small group of friends. There will be a consent form thingy to be signed before the game and an exit questionnaire as well.
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