Jan. 8th, 2011

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So, many of you saw my recent posts proclaiming that I will be using LARPing for my research. My biggest worry about this: What will other linguists and anthropologists think? I've been slightly worried that the second I say I used Live Action Role Playing for my experiment, my audience will stop listening, and no matter how good my analysis, no one will be willing to actually believe it.
What I've found while here at the Linguistic Society of America conference is really reassuring. When I start to explain I'm planning on using LARPing, I get one of two reactions: from a small number of people, I've gotten immediate interest; from most people, I get an answer or an expression that I know means "what the hell are you thinking." As I start to explain, I start to get nods, and a reaction that lets me know they're following my logic and starting to get it. By the time I finish, I've been getting a "Oh, cool, I really want to hear what happens," or some other similar reaction that proves they've not only been convinced, but think it might really work and provide some really interesting data.
So yay!
Now I just have to worry about passing my comprehensive exams. Eek!


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