Mar. 31st, 2010

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Wow. So I've been listening to Wil Wheaton's PAX keynote speech. (For those of you who haven't heard/seen it, )
I am feeling rather nostalgic...for all of 5 years ago.
Much nostalgia below about undergrad, and many thanks to many of you )
So thanks to all of you. Seriously, I owe so much. And thanks to Wil Wheaton, for this reflection, and many good memories coming back. Now time to try to get to work. Oy.

Also, if you want your name replaced for an LJ handle or other pseudonym, let me know. I tried to use LJ names if I remembered them. And if you have a story or details to fill in, feel free to share!
Finally, people I've mentioned specifically in the cut section:
Ted T., Lindsay, Original Dave, Replacement Dave, [ profile] lightgamer, [ profile] morethings5, Connor, Nny, [ profile] witticaster, [ profile] bleemoo, [ profile] natbudin, [ profile] in_water_writ, [ profile] jh1230, [ profile] _dragonwolf_, [ profile] usernamenumber, [ profile] zrealm, Nathan, [ profile] binaryphantom, [ profile] emp42ress, [ profile] rigel, Willis, [ profile] phoenix_rinna, [ profile] zombie_dog, [ profile] pezzonovante, and [ profile] sariel_t. And if you weren't specifically mentioned but are in the LARPing community or gaming community or Boston area poly community or Albany SCA community, it's implied.
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The idea is, comment here and I will give you a color. Then, in your journal, list ten things you love that are that color.
I commented on [ profile] zombie_dog's, thinking this would be pretty fun...and got yellow. Eek.
So, what do I love that's yellow?
This is gonna be way harder than I expected.
1. The sun.
2. Buttercups. I have some fun memories about those flowers.
3. Pomellos are often yellow, I suppose. My favorite citrus. Hard to find good ones outside of Israel, though.
4. Scrambled eggs with cheese are yummy....
Gosh, this is hard.
5. Oh! The program book thingy for the Linguistic Society of America conference was yellow, I think!
6. There are some very pretty yellow butterflies
Jeez, it's much easier to think of yellow things I hate.
*Looks around the room, sees nohing but a broken flashlight*
*Does an image search on google*
I guess I can list things I like....
7. Sunflowers give sunflower seeds....
8. Lemons can be good, I guess...
9.! Wait, no, that's orange. Um....
I guess my cyberfalls have a bunch of yellow....
*walks through her house*
Okay, that's it. I give up meme! You win!
....anyone have a suggestion for number ten? (Note, a response will get you a color...)

Edit: 10. Smiley faces!


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